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What is the side effect?

What is the side effect?

What is the side effect?
Nature does not create anything incomplete or incomplete. The fault that man looks for or what he finds lacking is actually his virtue. For example, any medicine or food, when fed to a patient, has some unpleasant effects. They appear. To remove them is called reformation in the term of doctors.

But I never thought that this thing was not made for this purpose. If this thing is not suitable, then he should find something that meets the need of the needy. For example, there is a poison, its people set the dosage. Now they try hard to make this food quantity acceptable. But I have never seen a decrease in this fixed food. The need for correction comes in the form of a defect. Adjusts the dosage accordingly. If more is needed, then increases the amount and if it is too much, then reduces it.
It requires the discretion of the physician to adjust the medicine according to the patient’s need, if this is done, then the correction and the side effect will disappear immediately.

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