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Home Remedy for Road Accident Rubbing (Kestril)

Antioxidant Rub Home Remedies (Kestril)
From Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo
The understanding of some things in life comes from use and the value of some people is known after passing away. The best way of gratitude is to realize the importance of the present and thank the Lord. The value of health is not taken away. The safety of the hands and joints is a great blessing. People who suffer friction on their hands, feet or other parts of the body due to an accident will realize how much damage and friction in the case of a road accident. One has to suffer from intense pain and suffering.

Riding a motorcycle is a strange thing. Anyone who sits on it will be lucky not to injure their hands and feet. When they fall off the bike, knees and feet and fingers are peeled off. The severity of the accident affects the bones. May Allah protect you.
Rakim al-Haruf is traveling on a bike from many villages. He has been rubbed and injured many times. Only those who have suffered these injuries can feel their pain.
These injuries and abrasions are characterized by the fact that they are more painful than other injuries and abrasion wounds take longer to heal. In winter, they increase in severity. At the time of awakening, they become more agitated. There is difficulty in sitting up.

The difference between a road accident and a normal wound is that the skin of a normal wound is affected and the skin heals with the use of drugs. And they have a deep effect. The dead cells are converted into fiber and pus. Fine nerve veins are also affected. Therefore, the pain is intense.
One of the experiences of my medical life is that if Kestrel i.e. Rhone Ernd is applied to chafing wounds and affected skin, the chafing wound heals quickly. The interesting thing is that it does not allow to get stuck in the wounds. It helps to remove dead cells and generate new cells.
Just last week, a milkman went out on the road in the morning and came back and hit him. There were two people and they also fell and we fell. There were many bruises and scratches on hands, feet, head, etc.

Those who insisted got the injection from the hospital. So he came home covered in blood. He was in a bad condition because of the pains. We had a tried and tested formula. He started applying castril on the rubs and wounds. Alhamdulillah, the wounds healed in a week. I didn’t even fall back and normal life went on again.
We also wrote a book on Casteril which is available on our website and I have written more than 100 benefits. It is a must read. It is a cheap and common product. What are the benefits and medical uses of Casteril?
The nail of the toe next to the big toe of the right foot came off. Castril was also applied to it. The wounds did not develop any pus/pus and the skin where there were abrasions and the skin was badly irritated and the cells were dead. The pain came quickly. The most interesting thing is that there was no scar on the skin. When the wound healed, it felt as if there was no friction or wound. Especially about the wound under the eye. There was a lot of concern that this dark mark would remain on the face. But thank God that mark did not appear. The skin became soft and smooth like a virgin.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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