Protect your eyes with Chinese medicines.

Protect your eyes with Chinese medicines.
The people of China keep their traditions close to their chests and pass their precious assets from generation to generation. As they are special experts in medicine, they have also written books. Sina Basina passes

on their future generations and the new generation is responsible for passing on this trust to future generations.
This is a book that can be read by everyone at home to protect their eyes. The secrets of eye protection are thousands of years old. By knowing what can be done to protect the eyes, Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years.

Its uniqueness is still the same today as it was thousands of years ago. But with the help of modern technology, these sciences have been opened to the world. A valuable addition to the Urdu language. The efforts of Saad Virtual Skills and Saad Tabiya College are here.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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