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Urinary problems.

Urinary problems.

Urinary problems.
Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid May

Urinary problems.
Urinary problems.


mother boll
Diuretics, Mother Boll products are used when there is a decrease in urination or burning sensation during urination or urinary retention. These forms arise in disease states. Urine is actually a waste of the body. Just like faeces and sweat are wastes of the body, the evidence is that when the urine is stopped, not only the wastes get stuck in the organs and get embedded in the body, causing dangerous diseases in the body. , which can even lead to death. Rather, it is in the organs of the body. Sugar and pain also arise. When toxic symptoms are produced by blockage, this condition is called Simboli. Shaykh al-Raees writes, the waste of the first digestion which is in the stomach is discharged through the intestinal tract (in the form of stool) and the waste of the second digestion is in the liver, most of it goes into the urine.

In modern research, the substance that is mostly in the urine is called the substance bolia, the large amount of which is formed inside the liver as a result of the digestion and metabolism of the liver, so it is not inappropriate to call it liver waste. Is. However, this substance is formed in the liver etc. and goes into the blood vessels. Where present form is found mixed with blood. Especially when the kidneys are damaged and cannot remove this substance from the blood well with urine, its amount increases in the blood and other fluids in the body. This substance is increased by eating meat and reduced by eating vegetables.

Similarly, its amount increases during severe austerity and fever. In addition to this substance, other substances are also excreted from the body in a healthy state, such as phlegm and acid, but in the case of disease, the urine contains sugar, blood, and pus, so mother-of-pearl medicines are used.

Misconceptions of Feng Shui Medicine

It has been believed in philology that all kinds of alkali (alkaline) are diaphoretic and generally it is believed that every time it is bad, but in some diseases we see that neither alkaline food nor urine. It comes and urine is not expelled from cold things, but sometimes it is completely blocked by such things and death can also occur from these things.

Mother Boll Medicine

When you see the list of Mother Boll medicine in medical books, you will find all kinds of cold, hot, dry, bitter, salty and sour in it. That’s why it’s not the right art to consider only salty and cold medicine as medicine, but it’s slave prophet and ignorance about Mother Bool. However, if the prescription is prescribed for the patient according to the rules of Greek medicine, then the correct results can be obtained.

Correct form of mother tongue An important thing to understand the correct use of mother tongue drugs is to understand the system of mother tongue which is very important.
The situation is that when the blood is prepared in the body, it is also cleaned in different organs of the body along with the food of the body.

Speech system disorders

After understanding the speech system, keep its diseases in mind so that there is no difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. It should be known that there are only three basic diseases of the speech system. Urinary frequency with burning or lack of urine.

Obstruction of urine.

All urinary diseases are under the same three basic medical conditions, which will be as follows: Urinary frequency is under the nerves, urinary deficiency and burning is under the glands, urinary obstruction is under the muscles. Is. Also understand that urine production is under muscles, urine purification is under glands and excretion is under nerves.
Sometimes it happens that the production of urine stops, sometimes there is a decrease in it, and sometimes the output increases so much that the urine itself ends and it is called constipation. But actually the production of urine is reduced or stopped. It should not be treated with diuretics, but with drugs that produce urine. This is the point where by making a mistake the correct concept of mother tongue is not taken into consideration.
Speak birth

In the case of relaxation of the muscles and weak glands and nerves, the circulation slows down, the blood pressure in the kidneys decreases. And the nausea and tension in their arteries decreases. On such occasion the mother-boil drugs given are those that stimulate the muscles (cardiac). Like cinnamon, abel, pregnancy, elvan, onion, figs, tea, and saffron, etc.

Speak clean

And in the case of muscle movement, pacification, relaxation of the nerves, the contents of the bowel are less removed from the kidneys, and in such a case, a stone etc. starts forming in the kidneys and bladder. The mother-boll medicines given on such an occasion are: 0 Absintheen, Aklil-ul-Mulk, Ersa, Badian, Beroza, Rivand, Uzada, Peppermint, Bee-mint, Ginger, and Noshadar, etc.

Speak out

In the case of relaxed muscles, sedation of the glands, the blood flow is more towards the glands and due to the relaxation of the nerves, the urine output is greatly reduced and sometimes completely stopped. Jalan also occurs in this case, on such occasions the following are given: Pomegranate, almonds, sweet seeds, cucumber seeds, radish seeds
Melon, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, barley, hajar, iluhud, rhubarb, sugar, chili pepper, kebab sugar, etc.


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