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The main difference between East and West.

The main difference between East and West.

The main difference between East and West.
By Hakeem Al-Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo
I do not say that operations are not effective or do not work. Of course, it is certain that the agent, the norm and the needy must be compatible in thinking. Otherwise, the operation does not work.
Wherever in the world there is a chain of operations, there is one thing in common that people follow the same rules that they must provide psychological satisfaction to their followers. No agent or operation. A connected person cannot be called a doer or a saint until he provides mental comfort to the needy. Various methods are used to fulfill this need.

You will see that the people who operate, whatever the country or nation they are, are religious. Which is followed.
While the truth is that religious people use religion and sectarianism with practice because their customers easily accept it. Otherwise, if you look carefully, people of all religions and nations apply the same principles. Their effectiveness also makes them work under the laws, so it is better that the perpetrators should do their business but refrain from making religion and creed.
In particular, Muslims should stop the way of presenting religion in an operational way. Because operation is a composition based on personal interests, but it is higher than religion and religion. Therefore, religious sanctity can be maintained in this way. Operation and religion should be separated. So that those who adopt operation as money for personal interests do not hate religion because they have a special concept of religion. He has to look for religion in the role of the agent or scholar. When the agent fails in his action for some reason, then according to the audience, this failure is not of the agent but of religion. Because the agent is a representative. When he failed.
This is the situation of the Western practitioners, but they have reduced the use of religion for personal interests. They learn and practice this art as an art. The practitioners have nothing to do with religion.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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