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The law of properties of plant constituents,

The law of properties of plant constituents,

The law of properties of plant constituents,

The law of properties of plant constituents,
The law of properties of plant constituents,

Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

Article: Quoted from Nature and Health

Based on which they can be exploited, plants provide the basis for human health, plants restore natural health.
Abstract Essay

(1) Man’s habitat is closely related to the earth and vegetation
(2) Roots and stems of plants
(3) Bark and leaves of plants
(4) Roots of plants
(5) Flowers of plants.
(6) Position of fruit in plants
(7) Effect of uterine temperature on vegetative reproduction
(8) Diseases of different regions
(9), The influence of the world’s climate on man
(10) Fruit rearing

Allah has created all his earthly births from the earth, therefore they are a part of the earth. Plants are the closest creatures to animals, so the diet of animals is also determined from them so that due to closeness of temperament, there is no defect in appearance. It has been told so that there is no fear and danger in the heart due to what has been seen, heard, known and familiar.
While man is also a part of the earth and plants are also a part of the earth, it is obvious that they grow from the earth under the laws of nature. With the same power, it works in the human body as well.

Roots and stems of plants

It is the doctor’s duty to act wisely, for example, the roots of plants suck their food in the form of moisture from the ground and deliver it to the stem, and this food makes it strong and energetic. An example of this in animals is bone.
When each of these things are obtained in the human body, they will do the same thing there too, that is, they will suck the fluid that has been loosened from their relative organ or the whole body, like the liver of a root. From the roots of fennel, from the stomach, from those who bleed thinly, they suck the liquid and the blood becomes dirty and stops, so all the roots are hot and dry.

Bark and leaves of plants

Bark and leaves are meat. Leaves get food from air. Air toxins feed on leaves during the day and expel toxic air waste at night. When the essence of these leaves enters the human body, it will remove the unnatural smell from the body. Therefore, the use of leaves is very important in rheumatic diseases
Plant roots
And the herbs that are anti-icing are also useful as soon as they are drunk. The stalk gets food from the roots as well as from the leaves because they are common in food and also common in effectiveness, so they give the function of both leaves and roots, but they are weak, but their use is necessary in bone diseases. Therefore, the photo stick is useful in the fracture of bones.

Flowers of plants.

The food of the flower is similar to that of the leaves, but very subtle and healthy. This is the reason why the flowers keep blooming in the morning air and until the sun’s healthy rays mix with the earth’s vapors until ten o’clock. They give strength to the spirit, which makes the soul strong and benefits the non-physical mixture with its softness and warmth, i.e. the impurity becomes a little friendlier and the madrasah becomes dirty. If the marshal is given without maturity, the liquid is released and the dirt remains and transmits the disease.
Status of fruit in flora
Fruits and vegetables are the essence of animals, just like the essence of all things. The same poem is the result of its whole. Since animals are more subtle than these plants, so for the growth of its seeds, a very safe place was needed where no harm could come except from spiritual impressions, so the Almighty added fluid to the animal medium for growth. And he was made like the subtle and dirty water of the vegetable hard seed, so by injecting it, he reaches his secret palace and cleans this palace every month so that he can properly nourish the subtle seed.
Now, if there is the capacity for nurturing in the mahal i.e. the womb, then it takes over and nurtures the power for a certain period of time, but
Effect of uterine temperature on vegetative reproduction
If the womb is mucous, then the birth will be defective, i.e. female, and if it is warm, then the birth will be perfect, i.e. a male will be born, or if the mood changes the womb itself, then the fruit will be the same as its mood is made.
If the uterus does not have the ability to nurture or the ability has been lost by the medicine itself, then it will be impossible to have a child. Therefore, she accepts quickly.
Impact of world climate on humans
Read the articles of the world from geography and see that the inhabitants of colder countries are white, beautiful, strong brains, strong and hardworking.
Syrup etc. are not suitable for the sick there. There only dry medicinal treatment is beneficial. Like Europe Kashmir etc. In addition, the inhabitants of hotter countries are dark, short, angry, ugly, low-spirited, low-spirited, restless and disagreeable.
Impact of world climate on humans

Diseases are common in these areas, especially syphilis, gonorrhea, leprosy, etc., syrups are harmful and dry medicine, jub sufof, etc. are useful, such as Madras and southern islands, etc. Inhabitants of cold countries have strong color, strong temple, strong brain, but less intelligence, cunning in appearance, more disease, less dry, and this harmful syrup is useful, such as Cyber Yar, Russia, Afghanistan.

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