The inspired prescriptions(ilhami nuskhy)


The auspicious collection of holy and respected manuscripts which you are currently studying has within itself a sanctity and sanctity. No other book has been blessed with the answer, that is, in this precious treasure of experience, those pure and putr medicines are listed which were given to the Prophets, Saints, Salha, Abdal, Ghiyas, Rishis, Maharshis, avatars, minions, Mahatmas, and other elders through revelation or metaphor. were reported as This type of suggestion or indication sometimes happens to ordinary people. The reason for this is probably when a person is suffering from a serious illness. And despite being medicated, MAUC dominates him. So that scholar is anxious and helpless in it, the last hope of the despondent, and the last hope of the despondent, and the hope of the peace of God. The wisdom of the adult becomes excited and he is told in waking life or in a dream that if he eats or eats medicine, then no matter how insignificant and insignificant the medicine is, the patient uses it, then by the order of this great sage, he gets complete healing. Such is the grace of Allah, Yutiya min Yesha.

Although there are a few versions of this type without accounting, but we have carefully compiled and selected only those versions which are correct according to the correct narrations. If it is impossible, even if a document is directly wrong, then it is not our fault, but its sin is recorded in the narration. It will be on the neck: Abdu. Abul Waheed Abdul Majeed Khadim

Inspirational prescriptions. History and virtues of inspired medicines
The history of medicine should be reversed. So that group of doctors will be seen as true. One who considers medicine as divine. In the opinion of this group, the knowledge of medicine was revealed through revelation and inspiration and the gods, sages, prophets and prophets laid its foundation. Then this story does not end here. Due to religious differences, this group of Balk Tayyab has many colors in it. And a very different idea appears.

Some people think that the science of medicine started with Hazrat Adam Safi Allah.

The source taught knowledge of medicines and other items.

Some of the Companions consider Hazrat Sheeth (peace be upon him) as a great medicine. One group says that medicine was first revealed to Prophet David and then to Prophet Solomon. This is evidenced in the Psalms. There is a party saying. This Mr. Luqman is the first physician, and medicine has been revealed to him. Jews say that medicine is from Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him).

Existence of the universe

From Mansa Shahud, it became famous. So there is a tradition that once Mochal Mubarak had a pain. So you went as a mountain. And he expressed his pain in the presence of Mr. Bari. Hakim Mutlaq said, “Take such and such a herb or such and such medicine. Hazrat Musa followed it, so the pain was relieved. There is a mention of certain medicines in the Holy Torah.”

Christians believe that Hazrat Christ (peace be upon him) is the originator of medicine. Where you used to do spiritual healing. He also used to do physical therapy there. Likewise, a sect of Christians says that Maryam, who is the mother of Jesus, was the first to be given the knowledge of medicine. And it is a true incident that at the time of the birth of Hazrat Masih, Maryam Ali

As-Salam suffered from cracks. So you were inspired that dates

Go to the tree, you turn to the palm tree as soon as you get the hint. And eat a few dates near him, by eating which not only the pain of the womb was relieved, but also the Lord Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, came into the world with ease. In the Holy Quran, there is a reference to this important event in Wa and Hanna to Maryam. And since till now, this treatment is known that when a woman is caught in the difficulties of childbirth, she should keep feeding this date palm or chawhar cooked in milk, which relieves the pain. According to the Magians, i.e. the fire worshipers, the revelation of the request to Mr. Zotust is gambling. In Kohind and Kushand Paula, which are two famous books of this religion, many medicines are mentioned or mentioned. The Magi also believe that once A devotee of Zoroastrian suffered from a particular colic disease. So the god Agni told him in a dream that castor seeds should be roasted in fire and soaked in water and warmed and drunk. The patient complied. Five or seven large cysts were removed and the disease went away.

The Hanod brothers believe that Ayurvedic, which literally means the art of healing, was discovered by Brahmaji Rishi. And from them spread all over the world. Therefore, there is an explanation of the knowledge of medicine and numerous medicines in the ancient scriptures and scriptures. Besides, according to another verse, Dhanu Mitriji is the originator of this knowledge. Clause D says that when Dhanvantriji appeared from the sea. So you had a Hallelah in one hand. And on the other hand there was the leech whose philosophy is that in Ayurveda the disturbance of stomach and blood is the root of diseases. So, for stomach diseases, you were given leeches and leech for blood diseases.

Ancient Aryan
Mr. Dhanvantri agrees wholeheartedly. And they say that in one hand he had a sword, in the other, a leech, in the third, iron, and in the fourth, celibacy. And these four things were enough to heal all the diseases of human organs, for example: Hallelah for stomach diseases, leech diseases, blood diseases, liver diseases and celibacy diseases of the heart and garden according to Hanood, these four things were born in the first world or treated. Used in medicine, in the term of ancient Shastras, they are also called Char Dast, similarly, they also believe that the knowledge of medicine is on Indramaha Raj.

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