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The Greatness of Ancient Medicine

The Greatness of Ancient Medicine

The Greatness of Ancient Medicine

The Greatness of Ancient Medicine

By Hakeem Al Mewat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo.
Remember that ancient medicine recognizes that the human body is a mixture of food and matter. And mixtures are always born from the members whose names are water, air, fire and soil, and the members, then the mixture, and the organs of the body have a continuous relationship, that is, first the members, then the mixture, and finally the organs are formed, and these individual organs are the heart and liver. And the disease arises from the deterioration of the mind. These compounds and individual organs are different from each other but the fourth compound or organ is non-living which forms the structure.

Modern philosophy also admits that while the organs are composed of four tissue types and each organ has a different temperament, but the vital organ is motionless, from which the structure of the body is developed, thus the vital organs are the three heart, brain, Liver left.
Now, if these four mixtures and four tissues are applied, then they are known to be the same, that is, from the wrong phlegm, the tissue becomes the nerve and the brain, and this is its food and its daily life.

  1. Khalat. Blood (from the blood) the relative becomes muscular and cardiac, and this is his food and his body.
  2. The glandular liver tissue is formed from bile, and this is its food and body part.
  3. From mixed tissue, connective tissue is formed and this is its food and vital body, but it is lifeless.
    As if mixing and mixing are inseparable, these are the facts that no science can deny. When they were pondered over for years, the theory of ancient medicine came out correctly and it became clear that Farangi medicine is only one of ancient medicine. is the part that has been misdirected. This was the point and turning point that gave rise to the trends of modern medicine, which has not only made the diagnosis easier and the treatment easier. Rather, the art of treatment and the greatness of ancient medicine have also shone

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