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The connection between nutrition and cancer

The connection between nutrition and cancer

The connection between nutrition and cancer

Hakeem Al Miwat Qasri Muhammad Yunus Shahid Mayo

Is the car concussed?
Cancer, in the terminology, is the uncontrolled growth of tuberculosis. Mostly quiet
Your body divides and replenishes itself, doing so in a variety of ways
At different rates. For example, skin cavities and those in your digestive tract.
The intestine is often segmented, while the liver and cerebrovascular system are rarely segmented. Heart murmurs
Don’t panic at all, because heart attack can have long-lasting effects.
Clogged arteries often require intervention in the form of bypass surgery.
Every time your cells divide, they need to copy their DNA.
The genetic material in the center of the cell (nucleus) that controls how it will work. When an error occurs in the replication of this DNA it is called a
Mutation – This is usually caused by one of the many repairs your body makes.
functions. After Luckner divides a certain number, the gaps begin to disappear
Their ability to detect and repair errors, as they are programmed.
Self-destruction Once they self-destruct, they are replaced.
The new born. Cancer, space, has lost its ability to self-destruct, therefore
They just divide and divide. I keep doing it, often making more mistakes.
The pathophysiology, which characterizes tumor growth, has
The chemicals that cause cancer are called carcinogens. Some carcinogens
Asbestos or toxic mold found in furniture.

Cigarette smoke or strong pesticides. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can cause cancer.
Skin lesions cause DNA damage, sometimes resulting in basal cell carcinoma.
Carcinoma or malignant melanoma. Other carcinogens are viruses, which
Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer, or HPV, in humans.
Papillomavirus, which is linked to some cases of cervical cancer.
Cooking meat at too high a temperature can result.
Carcinogens that are released from the protein in meat. This is the place
A diet that contains a lot of fried or grilled meat.

It is associated with several types of cancer, especially colon and rectal cancer
Pancreatic cancer. Finally, some of the things that cause depression are not part of it
Our own information Mecca; In other words, some people are born
Changes that may cause corrosion or other damage. Here are some examples.
BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 are common mutations, which are associated with cancer.
Breast, ovarian, pancreatic, and some other types of breast cancer
The people who take them.
For the first time since 2006, there have been cancer deaths in the United States
Heart-related deaths are higher in people 85 and younger.
Bam6ri. One from every two Amreel males and one from each female
Most American women can expect to have cancer.
throughout life. Prostate and breast cancer lead the way in new cases.
Colon, lung, and colon cancer are the two most common causes.
The total number of deaths in this country, as of 2007, was there
More than 1,440,000 new cases of cancer are estimated.
560,000 deaths from cancer. From these deaths, this has come to light.
At least one-third may be due to diet or being overweight. Me
In other words, there could be at least 186,600 deaths each year, in one way or another.
I am concerned with our choices about whether we eat coffee or leaves

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