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The action of moisture in the human body:

The action of moisture in the human body:

The action of moisture in the human body:

Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Mohammad Younis Shahid Mayo
Managing Director Saad Tabiya College for Promotion of Prophetic Medicine // Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan
Water is not only a human being, it is a necessary part of the life of every living being. The Holy Quran has declared it as the basic unit of life. The ratio of water in the human body is a guarantee of health.
Considering the rate of water in human existence, we can look at it from two different perspectives:

  1. Inside the human body: About 60% of the adult human body consists of water. This percentage may vary slightly based on age, gender and body composition, but it reflects the importance of water in our basic constitution.
  2. In the human experience: While water is an important part of the body, its importance is much greater. Water is important for:
    Agriculture: About 70% of water is used by humans for agriculture, to produce food for us.
    Hygiene and Sanitation: Access to clean water is fundamental to maintaining personal hygiene and preventing disease.
    Industry and Energy Production: Water plays an important role in various industrial processes and power generation.
    Transportation: Water transportation is important for global trade and travel.

Environment and Biodiversity: Fresh water systems are important for supporting a healthy environment and diverse plant and animal life.
Therefore, while our body is 60% vital, water’s impact on human existence is more than one percent and plays a multifaceted role in all aspects of our lives.
Water and the human body
They are of two types, first is fluid fluid or plasma and the second fluid is plasma, but actually both the fluids are the same thing, the only difference is that they become less and less, that is, the fluid falls on the organ like dew, which is absorbed by the body. and his body remains moist and soft, but when a scratchy sharp object has an impact on the body, the amount of this fluid increases, that is, the fluid increases inside and outside the body, due to which there is swelling at this point. It goes as it appears in colds and flu, and in this way it indicates the disease, and in swelling, it is the fluid that is blocked inside the body, therefore, the fluid falls on the individual organ, according to which it becomes its essence. goes For example, if the nerves are accelerated, the secretions will be diluted and the names will be cold, which will reduce the blood pressure in the body. Urine will be whiter and whiter, which means it will be dominated by acidity called hydrogen
2: If the gland is accelerated, the fluid will be dirty and the name bile (heat) will prevail, and the urine will be burning and yellow in color. The blood pressure will be increased towards the heart, meaning oxygen (sulfur) names will prevail.
If this fluid is accelerating in the muscles, then the moisture will be dirty, often unextractable and dryness will prevail, its color will be red and the blood pressure will be increased towards the brain as if it will be dominated by smoke (carbon) in the body. There are conditions.
If this inflammation or disease penetrates into another single organ, then two movements will be formed, that is, the disease will become synergistic, then the symptoms will be combined. For example, in nerve inflammation, if the nerve is related to the gland, then the disease will be nerve gland. It will be called in which the color of urine will be whitish yellow and the treatment will be with both.
It is enough to look at the pulse and the pulse in the diagnosis of the disease because the pulse indicates that a certain organ has become ill, there is discomfort, pain, redness and inflammation, and the pulse indicates the disorder in the blood (blood component or element). If there is the same situation in both places, such as in nerve inflammation, there is increased mucus in the blood, and there is inflammation in the nerves and brain of a single organ, then the fatwa immediately says that the patient has a fluid and mucus disease. But Qarura is more important than pulse because it shows the disorder of blood components and blood is the guarantor of disease and healing. If it has not come on its own, you should never give the medicine without seeing its container. Remember that when the patient says that he has such and such disease, never give medicine, it will not relieve but may increase pain. It returns to healing and the physician receives healing and good prayers of the patient. Here it is also important to remember that inflammation itself is a functional change of the individual organ and blood is a change of its components (mixture) of mechanical actions. This is the reason why the patient is always single organ and will be treated accordingly.

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