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Social Media The Art of Marketing

Social MediaThe Art of Marketing

Social Media
The Art of Marketing on YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram for Success

Some entrepreneurs see social media marketing as the next big thing, a powerful
but temporary fad that has to be taken advantage of it while it’s in the spotlight.
To others, it’s just a buzzword that doesn’t have a practical advantage, and
there’s a complicated, steep learning curve with it.
Due to the rapid pace in which social media has developed its reputation, some
business owners perceive this as a passing marketing interest, therefore, it is

presumed non-profitable. However, the statistics illustrate different results.
Hubspot reported that 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed social media marketing
was imperative for their business, with 80% indicating social media marketing
efforts have increased traffic to their websites. 97% of marketers, according to
Social Media Examiners, participate in social media marketing, but 85% of
participants are not sure what social media marketing tools are the best ones to
use, as well as how they should be marketing on social media, to begin with.
This demonstrates that social media marketing has a huge potential for an
increase in sales, but there’s a lack of understanding amongst entrepreneurs on
how to achieve those results. Before we get into how you can insert yourself into
the social media marketing arena successfully, let’s look at how social media
marketing can benefit you and your business.

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