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Physician and human needs.

Physician and human needs.

By Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo.
The physician is always looking for such things that he knows some things that he can use in his treatment. Healing does not take place in a particular mold or method. However, the physician believes in the method of treatment he is involved in. That his method of treatment can be of better service than others. But it is not necessary that the manner in which he is concerned to benefit the suffering humanity is the only manner that can cause this suffering to be removed.

It is better that the physician should not focus on a particular method of treatment, but as he studies the books and experiences of his treatment method, he should also study other methods of treatment. Go to find a solution to problems that are not known before and problems that have been bothering the mind for a long time. It is not possible that only you know the truth and the right way and others are deprived of it.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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