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My message is love wherever it goes

My message is love wherever it goes

My message is love wherever it goes
My message is love wherever it goes

Addressed India

My message is love wherever it goes

         (Written by: Ayesha Abid Nadu. Hyderabad. Sujok Therapist)

Saad Tabiyya College for the services of Prophetic medicine. Thank you

Addressed India

First of all, thanks to Allah, the Most High, who healed me from illness, at a time when life was hopeless. Returned to life with health and safety. This is the month of Ramadan. And I don’t forget the days of the last Ramadan that I spent in a state of intense anxiety, indecision, restlessness. If it was morning, there was no hope for evening. If it was night, there was no chance to see the morning. Moment by moment anxiety…pain…restlessness. The fear was not of death. That she is definitely going to come one day.

I was just worried about my little liver, what will happen to my innocent after me? The world is very cruel. Children who have no mother; Their world remains dark. I had repeatedly urged my mother, sister, sister-in-law, whom I trusted, to take care of my son if I am not there. The heart was still burdened that no matter how much one wants to take care, being a mother, no one can shadow Mamta. The disease was increasing. I had no knowledge of English medicine and did not understand any native doctors. I was looking for a female specialist in indigenous medicine. Which cannot be found. And that feeling has wounded me. After a lot of searching, I was disappointed and finally contacted my teacher Hakeem Al Miwat, Hakeem Qari Muhammad Yunus Shahid Mayo Sahib. And God knows what a difficult time it was. If they were not my teachers, I would not have treated them at any cost. Natural modesty would have prevented it. It is a huge gap in our society that when a woman is troubled with a particular disease, she does not have a female doctor who is an expert in this art. found At the time of contact with the honorable teacher, I was left with a slight feeling that I wish there was a female doctor here. Because women are naturally shy. She will never be able to open up her problems to a male therapist. I would like the lamp to be lit by the lamp. And the women of their house should come forward for the women of the society. As long as there is human life, women’s problems will not end, there should be a plan to solve women’s problems. Now that Allah has brought me back to life in good health, I have some debts. Debt of love.

… And whoever does not thank people, he cannot be grateful to Allah.

  I am especially grateful to my respected father, who always shadowed me as a cloud of mercy. I still remember that last year on these same days, I called my father in agony and anxiety that I was about to leave this world. Dad encouraged. Comforted. Said nothing will happen. I am constantly praying for you. Thanks to the spouse too..

.. who gave me respect and love every moment. And be equal participants in this suffering and illness. He is actually a good husband. It will not be wrong to mention here that on the same day her paternal sister was diagnosed with breast cancer by the doctor, first of all her husband was unfaithful to her, sent her to his home. The family kept consoling her, taking her to the doctors, but the wound inflicted on her heart by her husband killed her before the disease.

. Thanks to my brother… with whom I am not only related by blood, but by feeling. With whom I grew up holding my finger and playing, she also gave a lot of comfort, a lot of encouragement. When I was looking for a specialist doctor, she tried her best to contact a female doctor. And so did the wind. But this female doctor did not have confidence in herself. He suggested that you see a specialist male physician. This is much better

. Many thanks to my teacher and physician, Hakeem Al-Mayawat, Hakeem Qari Muhammad Yunus Shahid Mayo Sahib… who treated me in the right direction with attention and comfort despite the distance. If so, the treatment should be done by a man. It’s not that there are no women doctors in Unani or Ayurveda, they are…

But they don’t have the skills, or those who do, generally don’t have access to women. These were the moments, which changed my perspective. This is the 21st century. The century considered to be the most enlightened and advanced, educated. But even in this era; I hear women moaning and sobbing.

I am surprised, surprised, saddened that in this society when a woman is afflicted with a certain disease, she does not get enough attention from the family first. Then when they leave the house and go to the hospital, they do not get treatment there. As a result, the disease increases, the woman becomes overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety.

There are many problems of women, which can be cured immediately with a little attention and the help of indigenous medicine. The medicine for every disease is not an English pill and the cure for every pain is not an operation. No organ or part of our body is so unnecessary that it should be cut off and thrown away if it becomes useless. Indigenous medicine is like a kind mother. She can cure every disease with her attention and wisdom. Just a doctor’s diagnosis should be done. Being a part of this society, I feel that the awareness of indigenous medicine should be spread among women and girls.

  This is a great need of the hour. Be it babysitting, or caring for the elderly at home. Or household issues, any health related problem is faced by women first. There are children, they fall, they get hurt, sometimes they cut their fingers in the kitchen, their hands get burnt, there are elderly people in the house, their sugar BP increases. Men are out of the house in their business pursuits. Women should be taught the art of dealing with these issues gracefully. Rather, every mother should be a doctor. Her child sneezes, has diarrhea, sometimes has a stomach ache. Headaches, it is not necessary to go to the pharmacy, the doctor for everything. Women should know what items are in their kitchen, which can help them in times of need.

I have opened my eyes to a full beyond family. Our family is spread from South India to North India. And in my family there are more women than men everywhere. Right now there are nineteen women in my in-laws. Whose ages are between one year, four years, seven years to sixty years. Living in such a large family has had the effect that I have heard women’s problems since childhood.

Rather, I have classified the problems and diseases of women from teenage girls to senile women, when, at what age, what problem can occur? The incidents and problems that I have seen and heard of the women of the family have an impact on my heart. This was the effect that since I was a teenager, instead of being fond of decorating and walking around like a normal house girl, I have always worried about what role I can play in solving women’s problems. Now that I am working as a beginner (practitioner) in indigenous medicine.

  I have patient records in front of me. There are not one but tens of incidents of how women are in trouble, and how serious health problems are arising with a little carelessness and inattention. There are countless women, who are facing thyroid, pcos, pcod, and gynecological diseases. They have been taking medicine for years, but the disease is not under control. Rather, one disease is giving rise to another disease, the situation becomes serious. By the time those women, sisters come under the auspices of indigenous medicine, the disease has spread a lot. And it is not easy to control. Alhamdulillah! It is the grace of Allah that by His grace, the compassion of the family and the attention of the doctor and the correct diagnosis, I have been cured, so it becomes my duty to write about these helpless and troubled women, raise my voice for them, and work for them…

..who are probably going through the same pain and situation, which I have gone through. Pay attention to the women of your house, take care of their health. And avoid discouraging them if they face any problem. A little attention from the family, a few words of comfort, and words of hope give life to the patient more than medicine.

And as a person with a painful heart, my advice is to go to a native doctor before any type of operation for women. At least consult them if not treat them. It is true that indigenous medicine has been greatly damaged by fake doctors. But still, even in this age, there are good, skilled, competent doctors. If they understand the disease, then they can treat the disease successfully. There is a deep gap for services for women in the field of indigenous medicine. One looks far and wide, tired and comes back exhausted, when she sees that there is no indigenous medicine gynecologist around. Women themselves came forward. Here the fields of action are open to everyone.

This is Bizm me yan kutah dasti hai privation, who has raised himself to take up the mine in his hand, I am lighting the lamp of my share. Hopefully, this light will be a beacon for those who come behind. A couple of incidents and observations are enough to get advice and lessons for those who have feelings. And for those who do not feel someone’s pain, the offices of advice are also useless.

Hakeem Qari Younas

Assalam-O-Alaikum, I am Hakeem Qari Muhammad Younas Shahid Meyo I am the founder of the Tibb4all website. I have created a website to promote education in Pakistan. And to help the people in their Life.

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