Let’s calculate Ramadan.

Let’s calculate Ramadan.
Thank the housewives
By Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo
Praise be to Allah, Ramadan Mubarak wishes to depart with all its blessings. Ramadan Kareem was shining with its full mercy and now there are few moments left. But as soon as the Qur’an was completed in Taraweeh, many pilgrims were also seen leaving with good prayers. Instead of worship, other activities appeared. are attached
Many things were included in it as acts of worship or they were considered as reward. But there is a group who performed their duties in Ramadan with complete sincerity and honesty. It was done.
Mothers and sisters in the house, how diligently the daughters were performing their duties, who can imagine. Some people were waiting for the drum to wake up. It was not possible to leave the bed until there was a complete commotion. Then at the same time, less salt and more pepper. I don’t like this curry. I don’t eat it? I used to be busy with other things. Taking care of the children, cleaning the house, I don’t know what kind of hardships they have to bear. Then different kinds of dishes in Iftar. Ironed clothes during the day. Besides, they are not even considered to work. When they got hot in their mood, they made a face and said, “You women stay at home all day long. They can’t even do this small work of mine. That is, these laborious prayers. Suhr and Iftar.” Domestic affairs. But is it possible to hear a word of encouragement from someone’s mouth for them?

Those housewives who are thinking of purchasing heaven on fasting and worshiping, the journey is the prayer of those housewives. Allah has blessed us with a strange blessing. But they feel happy by feeding men with mouthfuls. It can be mother, sister, wife, daughter, granddaughter. Feel their services today. Imagine how much hardship this class has taken just for our comfort. A word of thanks for them. Jazak Allah. Ya Allah bless you. Or a few words like that. Then you will see the smile and happiness on their faces. It will be the first gift of accepting Ramadan. They have got it. These few words will remove the tiredness of the whole month. For Eid, there will be dishes ready, which will be dripping with sincerity more than taste.
If he had prepared some delicious food for Sehri and Iftar this Ramadan, saying that he was happy to give it, the house would be filled with happiness. Why? In the same way, you should pay attention to them and thank them by naming a few services. That the food that was prepared in Suhoor on such and such a day was very delicious. Thus, the food made by your hands is wonderful, but on that day, iftar is broken. The samosas and pakoras that I had made. I enjoyed making them. This will bring happiness in the house and other benefits during the day and night. If you have free time, bring them their favorite things. This is the joy of Ramadan. Albarak’s farewell will be included in the happiness.
People are grateful, Allah is grateful.

Hakeem Qari Younas

Assalam-O-Alaikum, I am Hakeem Qari Muhammad Younas Shahid Meyo I am the founder of the Tibb4all website. I have created a website to promote education in Pakistan. And to help the people in their Life.

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