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Introduction to natural antibiotics

Introduction to natural antibiotics
and antivirus

English to Urdu Translation
Effort: Saad Tabiya College/Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan
More than a hundred household items are mentioned in this book. If there is proper knowledge, these commonly available items can be used instead of using harsh and toxic antibiotic-potency drugs. This is a priceless gift of nature. which does not harm the human body because it is an environment-friendly and human-friendly natural gift. Many chapters are given in this book.
Chapter B – 1 Introduction to natural antibiotics and antivirals
Chapter B – 2 Common Viral
Infections and their natural remedies

Chapter B – 3 Common Bacterial Infections and Natural Antibiotic Sources
Chapter B – 4 Natural Remedies for Fungal Infections
Chapter B – 5 Natural Remedy Results for Allergy Treatment
Self-catalog search facility. Countable content. Best photos of commonly available items. Nutrition. Dozens of home uses for each item. It is worthy to be a part. So that these items can be included in the food as needed. To get rid of the toxic drugs on a daily basis.

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