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How to create change in Ramadan?

How to create change in Ramadan?

How to create change in Ramadan?
By Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

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In Ramadan Kareem, only food and drink and abandoning certain habits have been considered as the main goal. The Holy Quran has declared Ramadan as a reason to develop piety. As long as the goal is not achieved by any work, it can be done anywhere else except through hard work. There is not so much time left in Suhri to take time for reflection. Of course, in Iftar, ten and five minutes are available after breaking the fast. Many precious days of Ramadan have passed, let’s make those remaining precious.
Think for a few minutes that in this Ramadan, which of the good deeds that you did not do before have been chosen now?

What is the sin that you used to do that you have left with the blessing of this Ramadan?

Which is the right that was previously suppressed and now handed over to the original owner?
How much did you recite the Holy Quran before? How much has it increased now?
Close your eyes and think that the sins that used to usurp the rights of others have benefited you.
Or how long can you benefit from this land, property, etc. What will happen after that?
The people for whom all this is. Will they raise their hands to pray for forgiveness for you?
If you have a good understanding that those who will become owners on the basis of this fraud or deception, will they pray?
Guess how much you pray for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, relatives?
If you don’t pray for anyone, why should others pray for you?
Imagine that there are people standing in the grave and asking for an account. Have the family come back after burial?
Or the reckoning is going on in the midst of chaos in Maidan Mahshar. Answering is mandatory.
These are the facts from which the eyes cannot be closed. If ten minutes of waiting for Iftar today are spent in this thought, it is possible.
Let there be some reduction in the true horror of tomorrow.

Ramadan and piety should be such that when Ramadan is over, you will feel a clear change that this Ramadan has brought about this change internally.
If you only stay hungry and thirsty, then stay with passion, who can do it?
Who can stop those who do not care about the orders of God and His Messenger?
Ten minutes of meditation and a piece of paper can be life-changing.
And the philosophy of Ramadan in life, so that you can become a pious person.

This is what has been tried to be explained in this video.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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