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Haqqani Kushta jat

Haqqani Kushta jat

Mr. Fazil Tab Hakeem Abul Hussain Maulana Muhammad Ehsanul Haq Sahib Haqqani
Some people summarize the experiences and observations of a lifetime in a few pages. Each word of their writing is a proof of their wisdom and skill. They are studying the essence. The point is easy, but hard work and hard work and earning a living is the work of a big liver and kidney.

Haqqani Mujerbat, the writer, gave his life’s earnings generously. How selflessly he worked. He is not present in this world, but his writing is a testimony to his skill and his medical struggle. The instructions given in the context of the Jats are as if an expert teacher were giving a lesson to his novice students.
Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan has recomposed this rare gem and presented it so that doctors can fill their pockets with these gems and save the suffering humanity from the dangers of allopathic medicines. Responsible rumors have been spread in a systematic manner to facilitate understanding of the facts that have been planted in the mind.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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