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Encyclopedia of Herbs and Botany

Encyclopedia of Herbs and Botany
Latin, English and Arabic Fancy Medical Dictionary

Translator: Hakeem Al Mewat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

The Urdu community is generally deprived of medical books and dictionaries written in other languages because it does not have access to books written in other languages, if it is possible, ignorance of the language becomes a barrier. Encyclopaedia. Latin, English and Arabic fancy medical dictionary) in view of the importance of this book to expand the study of the Urdu class, and to know how other nations thought about indigenous herbs and pharmacology. And work.

One of the differences between the books translated into Urdu and the books written in other languages is that they use color pictures, maps, graphics, and different methods to explain the objectives. These features are removed from the books translated into Urdu language. This book has been maintained in this book. On the basis of sufficient effort and continuous effort, these books have a special purpose. Medicine for all, translated under has been done

In this book, the names of the herbs, specific benefits, and places of availability have been discussed. Hopefully, the Urdu language class will be a source of satisfaction to the soul of the connoisseurs. Saad Tabiya College / Saad Virtual Skills I would like to thank all the team members who put this scientific and technical book in the garb of Urdu and added a valuable book to Urdu literature.

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