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Botanical medicines and natural remedies

Botanical medicines and natural remedies
By Hakeem Al-Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

Alhamdulillah, our institution, Saad Tabiyya College for the Promotion of Prophetic Medicine, Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan, is engaged in the quest to achieve its goals in a good way. Translations of books from other languages, especially regarding medicine, are new. Until now, many books have been translated from English. It has been adapted in Urdu.
Herbal medicine and natural remedies.
. It is also a link in the same chain. The Urdu class has its own mood. It is somewhat familiar with traditional books and reads them with interest. But as soon as it sees a book written in a different style, it expresses disgust. And he looks with distaste. Even if he studies with a stone on his heart, his eyes are fixed on only those herbs.

In simple words, it can be said that we consider medicine as limited as our limited study. Just as Eastern people have their own moods and the methods of eating, drinking, living, and medicine are different. Similarly, the Western people also have their own. They have separate worlds. Speculations have their place, but if one wants to understand Kamhaqah, one has to understand their lifestyle and temperament.
This is what will be seen in this book, some things will be common sense but something new will also be seen.
In particular, the method of using our familiar items will also be seen in a changed way. Instead of being afraid of it, create a sense of it so that the world of knowledge can expand in dimensions.
The second important point is that medicine is not what the doctors have written in the books, or what we know. Traveling in the wide world will be useful. It is enriched, it is devoid of benefits. It is not like that. Like saffron, musk, amber. Instead of being, they should find a new world for themselves, so that they can get rid of these drugs which are currently being sold at expensive prices.
A revolutionary move.

People associated with medicine who are called doctors have a heavy responsibility to work on unknown and regionally available herbs so as to leave a wide field of medicine for future generations. Are the herbs growing on the ground useless or devoid of medicinal benefits? This is not the case at all, because nature does not do any work in vain as minerals and drugs appear, they are rich in medical benefits and the ability to be used in treatment. Kama Hakha can not benefit even from known herbs.
This book has been adapted from English to Urdu. If there is something different from the prevailing style of writing, please bear with me because the translation is an attempt to explain. However it is strongly hoped that this short book will contribute to some degree of increase in medical knowledge and experience.
By Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo.
Patron Saad Tabiya College for Promotion of Prophetic Medicine Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan.

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