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Beyaz Mahmood Khani

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Beyaz Mahmood Khani

Usually, before writing these manuscripts, many important things should be learned

: What are the meanings of the usual routines?

are dead and in what kind of small staff these manuscripts have been compiled. What are the others? When everything is written in the books, then what was the need for them.

Invention and Necessity Routine Meaning It is very clear to the scholars of Hazrat that changes and diseases

The details of the body are numerous and unlimited, and naturally it is the responsibility of man to find a way to treat diseases and to regulate these countless details under a natural rule and to determine their types and each type. and if this is not done, the description of these innumerable details is far beyond the scope of the human mind, and it is impossible to confine them within the scope of its knowledge, it necessarily follows that It is impossible to establish a useful treatment method for these numerous detailed diseases, that’s why the scholars have considered the natural conditions and temporary changes of the human being and made such rules that cover these numerous changes. And every disease that can arise in a human being cannot go beyond the scope of this natural law. For example, since the world has been inhabited and for as long as it will last, every human being will have some kind of disease in every condition and every time. It is impossible to realize the disease without a change in the physical structure or temperament and the mixture in tubat or urdu-a and vapors. From this example, it is understood that by dividing the unlimited news diseases into these three categories, their regulation is easy.

And it became easy. Now the treatment method can be easily determined for each type. In the same way, nature has also created countless of these and will continue to do so. The detailed knowledge of all these medicines is impossible for human beings. The era of

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Apart from them, there will be other research groups that will develop drugs. Therefore, the science of medicine will not be complete. And when you, like diseases, leave the details and focus on the universality of the law of nature, then you will gain control over this multiplicity, and by dividing the medicine in a few places, and according to the nature and tribute, the types of diseases. You will be able to create ease in the treatment methods by determining the opposite. Just as the rulers of the Sharifi family have made prominent and significant progress in the major and important topics of medicine – the method of diagnosis of disease by palpation – the principle of treatment. In the same way, the science of medicine has also reached its peak. And he has tested the compounds of the relatives on the principles of the predecessors and has tried them for a long time and collected them in a book form.

Again, he formulated such principled prescriptions of mufarda and mikraha which, despite being reduced in number, dominate most cases of diseases. And all the details are beneficial to diseases in various ways and variations. The name of these Saints means usual. This scientific and practical development of the Sharifi family is an extraordinary favor to the medical world. With these common sense prescriptions, every educated physician can become competent and efficient. These amulats have been prevalent in the Sharifi family for a long time and are very successful in treatment. Most of the learned rulers of India also find these practices easy to obtain and useful and follow them. There is another secret of the usefulness of these prescriptions, which is that those rulers who are among the most advanced and the most recent ones have distinguished expertise in treatment. Their research is that most of the diseases are caused by colds and flu or related to the stomach and other organs. There is an error. or by special variations in the mixture’s moisture content. And in these routines, some prescriptions get rid of the root cause of colds. That’s why all the diseases that are caused by colds are definitely useful for them. And some of the prescriptions are of the type that mixes and moistens

Beyaz Mahmood Khani
Beyaz Mahmood Khani

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