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Atay Saber Digital Edition

Atay Saber Digital Edition

This book is the result of the hard work of a person who has seen many ups and downs in his life. And had the privilege of kneeling before this entity, as a result of which the world identifies thought as the unique organ of law. Chanting with the crowd and drifting like a straw in the flood is the way of the world. The single-membered law is a bond tied by a single person and supported by his disciples. Today, when the garden is swaying. Khusha China has spread its own swings for sugar.

There is no doubt that this art was watered by countless people with blood and liver. This is such a closed path. And it is a path based on reality, even if strangers pass through it, it fills its foot with gems.
What would be a bigger revolution than that the art that has only remained to get a good recipe so that the daily route can be arranged. It can be done and difficult and difficult diseases can be treated. Diagnostics is the field of medicine in which many people pass through.
This book is a short and comprehensive booklet. If the student wants to memorize it, he can memorize it. By studying it carefully, the doctor thinks that there is no need for any book in the world anymore. There are no valuable ingredients. Then the recipes are classified in such a way that anyone can choose the ingredients according to their wishes. The way they have explained it can be understood by even a person of ordinary understanding.

The style adopted by Hazrat Mujadadi al-Tabb (a.s.) in his books has not been matched by any writer in the world of medicine. There is no doubt that the precious collection of Muslim doctors passed through his eyes. He studied Sheikh Al-Raees carefully. Decorated his books with Jat. But not to copy after copy or to fill the stomach of the book, but to satisfy his modernist nature and open the new chapter of investigation. If you study it, you will get an idea of their high vision and innovative element.
Someone has so much courage that he can make Jo-Qurashi and other people stand in the dock, or prosecute the books of Makhzan Hikmat, etc. These books were written by the masters of medicine and representatives of medicine at that time. Their social status. It was so much that at that time, no idea emerged in the minds of the people except Sarkham Taslim. If Sabir Sahib’s claim was Buddhist, these people would have made him angry at the same time. Because these people had lobbies and institutions. There was government influence. They were considered representative. Their words were given little importance because a large number of students were getting medical knowledge in the institutions run under their shadow. The end has been done. To end the new thinking, a veil called literature and distinction has been prepared, that whoever spoke against the prevailing attitude about the elders, no matter how competent he is, is arrogant. From his knowledge. It cannot benefit. These are the germs on the udder which have made the Ummah sterile. And personalism has embellished the decadence with the help of fabricated traditions.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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