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Are medicines stored in the human body?

Are medicines stored in the human body?

By Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

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There is no doubt that the drugs used leave their effects in the body. If the foods or drugs are such that they are absorbed by the body and dissolve by themselves, then such foods and drugs act as nutrition and if the drugs are such that the body If affected, such drugs are removed from the body, but their effects are very deep.

Some drugs are so effective. They also affect the body system. And they also affect the systems that work in the body. Then these drugs can be divided into three parts. One affects the muscles. are: the second to the liver and the third to the nerves. Medicines that affect any of these three systems in excess. Their effects are long-lasting. And are responsible for causing abnormalities. Effective drugs have side effects. But if the body needs them, nothing like this happens. Side effects occur when a drug is used unnecessarily in high doses for a long time. should be used. If the doctor knows how much the effects of this medicine will be on the body and how long it will affect the body, then he will work carefully in this medicine. And will determine which patient needs how much medicine. ?

On the other hand, what other medicine can be prescribed instead of this medicine. If there is an alternative arrangement, a better choice can be made. Physicians generally believe more in the research and words of others than in their own research. This is the reason why medicines A lot of side effects are seen.
If any food or medicine is to be prescribed, it should be seen for how long it is required. If the prescription is under consideration for a longer period, keep the dosage low. The effects of the drug are long-lasting.

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