You are currently viewing Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.
Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.

Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.

Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.

Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.
Fundamental difference between operations and spirituality.

Hakeem Al-Miwat. Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Meo
Abstract Essay.
(1) Reality of functions and operations
(2) What are the operations?
(3) Difference between practices and spirituality.
(4) Spirituality and religions
(5) Terms for unseen beings
(6) The Qur’an and the Spirit

Operations and spirituality are considered to be the same thing. However, there is a subtle difference between operations and spirituality. Few people know and feel this difference between operations and spirituality.
There are many mysteries and secrets in the world of operations. Some things are such that they are given a mysterious status despite being common. This is the tendency of people, no matter how trivial and observational it is, when it comes to spiritual or spiritual matters. If it is attributed, the concept of superiority becomes prominent in it. The daily observations are also covered with the cloak of vulgar habit and dignity.

The reality of jobs and operations

Wazifa is an Arabic word, which is used by every needy in its specific meaning.
A sum of money to be given to a student to continue his studies, an amount set aside for the student’s aid during his studies, a scholarship.
Salary, salary, allowance, subsistence, food, sustenance
A certain sum is fixed from month to month by a king or government in recognition of a service, and a monthly sum on retirement from service, a pension.
That which is fixed for every day, routine, salary, dharma
Manor granted in reward for good services

Duas to read daily, reciting a dua or a blessed name every day at a fixed time, those duas or verses, etc. that are recited in a certain number of times and at certain times, recitation, dhikr, occupation, glorification.
Monthly stipend or cash donation, a cash reward given by the government to deserving or specified persons
Something that is for every day, work that is done daily, routine
The work that is required to be done by God’s command, duty, responsibility, and worship
Writ of something
The physical function of an organ, the natural performance of a part of the body
The method of working of a machine or part as well as the operation, routine duty, official function of a person or institution, duty, responsibility, action.
Based on the above explanations, it can be said that the definition and interpretation of wazifa is used in different senses in different fields. In spirituality, wazifa is the name of repeating a text or word a certain number of times.

The operation

As for operation, operation is the work that operators organize in their own specific style. Generally, operators do some actions. Everyone has their own style. There are many types of operation. Skills and work attributed to specific people.

It can also be said that the maturity and experience gained as a result of practice is the name of action.
The meaning of operation is not related to any creed or religion, whoever does the work of charity and operation is called operator and the work done is called operation.

In the world of operations, the extent to which certain and uncertain situations occur, both practitioners and believers participate equally. It is an art and skill. It has nothing to do with any religion or caste or nation or nation. Of course, the perpetrators call it a part of religion and religion or religion to achieve their interests. However, there is no relation between religion and religion. It happens that a factor is found from which his ideological or religious affiliation comes out. Thus, wherever a factor feels the necessity of benefits, he feels the need of people of a particular creed and religion.
If there are no customers, how will the business work? Therefore, when the religious people put on the cloak of operations, they keep in mind that there is equipment to satisfy the religious beliefs of the believers.
You can meet any agent. Talk to him where he will appear to you as an agent, but he will also appear to be a representative and preacher of his religion and religion. The same work for the same stipend, belonging to the same religion. Religious representation among the actors will be seen differently.

Difference between operations and spirituality.

Operations and spirituality are muddled. Spirituality is a special term that everyone uses for their own religious and social interests. Spirituality and scholarship have been explained in the previous line. Some things are being written about spirituality.

Spiritualities and religions

There is a trace of spirituality in known religions, especially those religions which are believed to be heavenly religions and have books, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc. And they have faith and belief in spirituality. Although there is a difference in terms of language in some social terms, but in the field of spirituality, the concept of characters and personalities is the same.

Terms for unseen creatures

Giants, ghosts, giants, fairies, devils, etc. are the words that are used to express mental concept and thoughts. While these things are invisible, their perfection is that they are invisible creatures. has to be shown. That is when someone says that so-and-so has been controlled by the giants.
If there is such a jinn who is thought of, then he will be called a good spirit or a good jinn. Hindus will call him Povitar Atman. That is, we assume that even the unseen creatures are on us. Their emotions and their feelings.

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