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Time travel
Time travel

Steven Hawking’s book BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME) has been considered a best seller for a long time, it has been translated into many languages of the world, but the surprising thing is that this book is not an easy book. The reason is not simply that its topics are difficult, but the real reason is that this book describes factors that do not come into our experience in everyday life, and most of its topics cannot be studied in the laboratory. It can only be proved on the surface, but

nevertheless these are topics that have fascinated man for centuries and some information about them has been obtained recently, which may be decisive. This book is the twentieth. Written at the turn of the century, so the material provided in it is still very new, yet it has to stand the test of time and people have to get acquainted with it, as it was called in our student days. It was said that the people who understand Einstein’s theories can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Before that, Eddington thought that he was probably the only person who understood Einstein, but now it is the case that Ion Stein’s theories are well understood by the average student of science. Yes, CAR Sagan (CAR) SAGAN believes that the average matriculation student knows the amount of mathematics needed to understand Einstein, but the difficulty is that the topics that Einstein tackled are such are rarely encountered in everyday life, so it has been difficult to understand for a long time.

Also this book by Steven Hawking. In the same category, it is not difficult to understand, provided you are willing to go beyond everyday experiences. Surveys have been conducted and it is said that due to the spirit of curiosity, many people have bought this book, but only a limited number of people have read it. I have gone, some parts are specifically pointed out as being difficult but they cannot be oversimplified, the universe around us is very complex and even after millions of years we have spent in it. We may have just begun to understand it.
This book does not demand that you make it part of your faith, but it certainly wants you to.
And much more, get out of your mental frame and try to see that there is in the world, we all recognize that space has three dimensions or dimensions and time is its fourth dimension. Or later, we have been thinking of time as absolute for centuries, so it is not easy for us even for a few moments to think of time as one of the dimensions of space.
Broad in study
A dear friend of mine who is also a poet and painter. There are, and are still studying scientific subjects today, repeating the same arguments over and over again to disprove the beliefs that have been a part of our philosophy for years, for those who believe that space-time is also four-dimensional. It is also difficult for them to go beyond their habits and access a concept that we cannot experience on the surface of the earth. I will give an example.
If the sun suddenly goes out, for eight minutes we will not know that the sun has gone out, because for eight minutes the light that has gone from the sun will continue to reach the earth, then other planets and stars. There are also, the light of the moon reaches us in a few seconds, but some galaxies are so far away that their light reaches us in billions of years. that they don’t exist, the other big problem is that light also has mass, when it passes by a massive star it pulls it towards itself so it bends a bit, like When the light reaches us, the position of the planet or star determined by seeing it cannot be correct.
When we look at the sky, the stars, planets, and galaxies are not actually there where we see them, so what we see is a past situation, which has now changed, and this change affects all celestial bodies. is not the same as for , so what we see is

Time travel
It has nothing to do with what we call reality, but the appearance of the sky in its present form is a fact which man cannot walk a few steps without acknowledging, his poetry and his arts perhaps never. Don’t be willing to change the situation that is their personal and collective experience
Therefore, we live on many levels at the same time, just as Newton’s physics has not become obsolete in spite of modern physics, because we are still getting some practical benefit from it, but when macrocosm or macrocosm When it comes to MICROCOSM), Newton’s physics cannot be adapted in any way, what is going to happen in the 21st century is being predicted a little now, but it cannot be said with certainty what will happen inside the human being. What changes are going to happen?
Scientific theories
The modern age cannot be understood without scientific theories, so even if you are not a regular student of science, still knowing some basics is necessary for all of us, and this book is one of those few books. What can be called basic books in this regard, instead of reading articles written by journalists about science, is it better?

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