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The human soul and medical theories

The human soul and medical theories

The human soul and medical theories

The human soul and medical theories
The human soul and medical theories

The human soul and medical theories
Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

Human Self and Psychology
In other words, emotions, which are called in English Physio-psychology or in other words, this problem can be solved only by the theory of multi-organism. Until the simple organ theory is not understood, they will never be able to achieve success in psychology. And these are sufficient for the wise
The human soul
Behavior is not something that we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands or know with any other sense, but just as the sun and the moon are known by the light of kwan. Or by looking at the smoke, it is known that there is a bright fire, or by seeing birds flying, it is inferred that there must be water in that place. In this way, the action of the soul is also obtained through signs. Research shows that knowing If it is related to the mind, understanding is related to the heart and benefiting is related to the liver, and all these mysteries are hidden in this, understanding and speculation. We know that five senses are visible, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.
They are also called the mother force and their work is that it conveys the external information to the internal forces of the mind.
And one
These senses are obtained from Khumsa Baatini, they are also called Gyan and Madraka Baatini, they are also five.
1: Common Sense Its location is the front (front) part of the brain which maintains the feeling.
2: Power of thought It is the treasure of all feelings, the body, feelings are preserved
3: Contemplative power, its location is the middle part of the brain or it expresses the feelings of the two powers of the brain.
4: Imagination refers to the meaning of the object.
. 5: The power of memory. It preserves the memories of illusion and unites them when needed.
It means to think or not, that is, to make some kind of guess and guess, this knowledge creates worry and the intellect can be burned by it. I diagnose diseases and prescribe medicine accordingly. This is the soul of philosophy.
Now listen about the human soul
When the human spirit works with a word (speaking), it is called nafs-natiqa, and when diseases correct the body, it is called the power of the soul or physical spirit, and when it is directed towards its perfection and evolution, it is the soul. With whom it connects, then this religious spirit or spirit becomes the Immortal Lord, and with it, man becomes Ashraf al-Mukhluqat. Because in this way, he becomes aware and aware, and this knowledge is obtained through perception. Now you must have understood that the human soul is one, but it is divided into three parts by forces.
The soul is a combination of the three human forces through which it controls the body.
1: The psychic force whose center or headquarters is the nerves and brain.
2: The animal force whose center is the muscles and the heart means it controls the heart
The physical force whose center is the glands and the liver means that it controls the glands and the liver. The force that establishes the relationship between the mind and the body is called Mana, which means that it controls the five Karma senses, the five Gyan senses and the eleventh Mana. Nerves, brains and pigments are stationary, they do not change their place, they only issue orders with their impressions. Also remember here that there are three types of human beings.
1: Satugni i.e. those with good intentions who always do the work of Marth i.e. try to reach Paramatma by following natural or natural law. They are called Mahatmas and Saints and the world worships them. Their waves of thought are white in color. This is called light and all colors are created from this light. These people combine their soul or Atma with Paramatma and the names become three and this is called Mana meaning Self.
2: Among the two types of people, Rajogini, these people also walk on the path of Paramartha, and also on the path of Swartha, these people help every person in their sorrows and pains. The color of their thought waves is red. And this is the color of human blood and it is from this that man gets happiness. Such people are born and die again and again in the world, so that on one side, that is, the burden of Marth and Swartha does not become heavy, then they are brought up in Turk.
3: The third type of people, such people only fulfill their duty, that is, they only care about their own good, even if others have to lose their lives. They are called dishonest, thieves, good robbers in the world and everyone looks at them with hatred. They usually live in prisons, forests and other large habitats. The color of their Vachardhara is black and these are the people who roam around in different groups, the more one stays away from them, the better it is for the human being. From the country is going to Rasaila. Since my subject is medicine, I also come to the soul, remember that there are three vital organs of a human being, they are also called the head organs. That is, the heart, liver, and brain are all accessory organs.

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