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Secrets of Qarora

Secrets of Qarora

Secrets of Qarora


Secrets of Qarora
Secrets of Qarora

Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo
First understand the individual parts of the body. There are four individual organs. The heart, liver and brain are vital organs and the fourth organ is a single organ that forms the basic organs of the body but they are motionless, so their functions are under the vital organs.
1. Nerves, the center of which is the brain, are made up of nervous tissue. All kinds of feelings in the body, which are obtained through the outer and inner senses, are generated in the nerves and the stomach, and then these feelings are in the muscles and the heart. And through the two livers, the glands issue orders for all the functions and actions in the body. But remember that the nerves themselves do not move, but only command movement through their sensations.
. Those called motor nerves carry their impulses to other organs for movement. Nerves do not do any other work except sensation and movement, even in the brain they have no more work than that, i.e. they are created through all kinds of feelings.
2: Muscles, whose center is the heart and is made up of muscle tissue, perform all kinds of movements in the body that are commanded by nerves, such as seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, etc. Acting in the same way, understanding the inner qualities, even the inspiration and discovery and the orders of the soul are understood by the heart, the mind only feels and the heart is the letter of the president. Therefore, remember that all the movements in the body, whether it is walking and moving the body and hands, or eating, drinking, speaking, etc., are all responsible for the muscles.
3: Glands whose center is the liver. It is formed by glandular and mucous secretions. Every type of food in the body is obtained through the glands and membranes. The food is prepared and matured and given to that organ. For example, bile is produced in the liver and it falls to form urine, milk is produced in the breast of a woman, and semen is

produced in the testicles of men, etc.

Each gland produces its own type of moisture (secretion) and in places where there are no glands, there are mucous membranes, they secrete moisture according to the need, as if the amount of moisture in a place in the body is equal to the amount of moisture in the glands and mucous membranes. They are produced as if from the saliva of the mouth and the cold of the nose to the urine, feces and sweat, wherever the fluid is seen, it is all produced by the food and mucous membrane, that is, every type of fluid in the body is released from the glands and mucous membrane. And this is the secret of Qarora.
Method of exudation of fluid or material
Fluids or secretions are always released from the blood. Think of it as a whole, that is, remember the blood circulation. Clean blood from the heart and from the heart, through the capillaries, to the glands and mucous membranes. I find oozing in the spaces of the body. This oozing of blood is sometimes more and sometimes less, sometimes hot and sometimes cold and sometimes warm and sometimes dirty and sometimes white and sometimes yellow and red. It does not happen in form, but in different forms and conditions and colors are found. When it falls painlessly like water, its color is white, it is a nervous cold. His condition is cold.
2: When the fluid is viscous and surrounded by pain, its color is yellowish and its condition is hot, it is called a cold.
3: A cold that does not come out even after much effort and suffering
And if it is known that the volume in the nose is completely gone, then its color is sloppy or red-black, rather, it begins to bleed when pressed, then its condition is normal.
The condition of Qarora will be like this
1: If there is irritation and inflammation in the nerves, then the urine will be white or blue in color and will be discharged without pain
2: If there is swelling and inflammation in the gland, then the urine will come little by little with irritation and its color will be yellow.
3: If the muscles are fast, the urine will stop or come very little and the color will be red or blackish or muddy or the urine will be bloody.
The same situation will also occur on Pakhana.
There will be diarrhea in the nervous case, cramps in the glandular case and constipation in the muscular case. In the same way, saliva, eye, ear and sweat etc. will enter all bodily fluids in this manner.
Here are the secrets of Qarura, understand them well, that is, Qarura are the wastes of the blood, which are chemically enriched, so they are very useful in the diagnosis of diseases, because they show the deficiency of blood components, i.e. In any case, whatever the disease is, there will be an excess in the blood of the wrong one, when it is removed, the disease will be removed immediately.

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