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The secret to health and wellness

The secret to health and wellness

The secret to health and wellness

The secret to health and wellness
The secret to health and wellness


The secret to health and wellness
Hakim al-Mewat Qari Mohammad Younis Shahdamyo
Administrator General Saad Medical College for the Promotion of Prophetic Medicine. Saad Virtual Skills Pakistan
A reasoned argument on the necessity of diet. Knowing that the lamp always burns with oil and wick and the oil is consumed. Thus gives heat and light. If both the wick and the oil of the lamp run out, then the lamp goes out, neither light nor heat remains in it, i.e. it dies. In the same way, the heat and humidity of the body of man and animal, i.e., the heat and moisture of the body are destroyed, the lamp of human life is also extinguished. Because every heat dearness and fluid dearness is the other name of life which nature creates along with the sperm and stays together till death, that is its end is death only to sustain the life of lamp and human life. It is very important to get exchange and compensation, that is, if the lamp gets wick and oil, then its life will continue. And if humans and animals continue to receive proper and healthy food, blood will continue to be produced from it, and heat and moisture will continue to help and human life will continue, otherwise life will not continue at all. Because food is a necessary and necessary thing, it turns out that the heat and moisture of the dear ends up destroying human life, so if a person protects the heat and moisture of the dear, then not only reaches the medical age but also diseases. It is also safe from and its strength and powers remain, that is, the secret of health and well-being is only in proper diet.

Alimentary organs
Nature makes it easy for us with every sperm and this is a special problem or fact, understanding of which solves the important problems of medicine and gaining access to medical treatment.
Humans have three main systems.

1: Nervous system
, 2 : Muscular system
3: Ghadi system. And everything else is under them.
The digestive organs extend from the mouth to the esophagus, which includes the mouth, throat, teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, and pancreas. Remember that they are not all single organs nor are they made of the same type of cells (tissues). Rather, all of them are compound organs, they also have nerves, glands, and muscles, which means that every single organ is related to them. Just as the organs or individual organs, the heart, liver and brain are connected to each other through membranes and operate the human machine, now the network of these organs is spread throughout the body, only one of the organs can be damaged. It can never happen in all of them at the same time, that is, the disorder will either be in the nerves or in the glands or in the muscles, because nature has made the human machine in such a way that if a single organ gets sick, the healthy duo is safe so that life can continue.

Now, in the single organ that is disturbed, its organ head i.e. the center also becomes affected by the disease. There is a severe effect on the location and it shows the disease, therefore the center will have to be selected for treatment because when the center gets relief, all its locations will be healed automatically.
For example, due to disturbances in the digestive organs, secretions and phlegm have increased in volume, which has led to colds. Now there is a cold and the nasal congestion, which means that the nose has become infected and its center is the brain. In this way, wherever the nerves are spread, there will be more or less complaints of colds and phlegm.
That is, from saliva to urine, the fluid will be visible, but there will be severe pain or inflammation and skin or disease in the nose. The disease will start to disappear immediately, the treatment will cause dryness because only dryness can cut the fluid
Therefore, in nervous and mental diseases, dryness will be created by intense movement in the muscles, which will cure fluid and mucous diseases. This is a natural treatment. Is
If he tries to suppress or stop it, there will be no rest. Because at first the symptoms will not be suppressed, if some are suppressed now, the patient will have to suffer a lot, but the disease will become complicated, murky and dangerous inside and the patient will go to death.
When a person’s appetite stops, it means that there is an excess of fluid and phlegm in a single organ, due to which the individual organ’s core has slowed down in its function. Calmness has arisen, as a result of which heat and strength have decreased in the body and blood, because it is natural for the heat and discharge from the body through mucus and phlegm.

There are two ways to eliminate this fluid and mucus.
1. Divorce should be done by giving Yarok in exchange for food. Its name is dietary treatment and it is the best and most essential treatment
Blood is produced from that which is life. The real reason is that when starvation is given, the fluid accumulated in the phlegm dries up and the individual organ begins to generate heat, and this is the power and the method remains natural death.

Remember two more things
1: Light is motion and heat, and darkness is rest.
2: Heat and blood and strength and cleanliness in the body due to movement

Hakeem Qari Younas

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