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A natural way of minimizing conditions

A natural way of minimizing conditions

A natural way of minimizing conditions
A natural way of minimizing conditions

Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Yunus Shahid
In both the above maps of Mandir Jah, the natural method of increasing or decreasing the conditions is shown as follows. Trying to create both opposite conditions by eliminating two existing conditions altogether is not a natural process but a violation of it.
In spite of nature or nature, heat and dryness do not completely eliminate the active and passive states, but the first of them increases the heat and the passive state eliminates the dryness, resulting in heat. Now that the peak of heat is over, nature increases the inactivity rather than heat
The result is that in the atmosphere, water becomes water. That is, humid winds blow in the atmosphere, rains begin to fall frequently, floods occur, and the seas begin to swell, which makes the atmosphere hotter. Now, since the monsoon season has reached its peak, nature brings cold by ending the heat, which makes the atmosphere soft and cold. Very cold winds blow and snow falls everywhere, at that time such weather is commonly called dry cold

When the cold reaches its extreme, the cold begins to decrease or disappear. And the beginning of summer means that the dry season starts to increase the heat. As a result of which the frozen moisture starts to liquefy again and again, the result is that everything, especially plants, starts to grow and becomes the season of spring. Green is seen everywhere. From big trees to herbs and grasses are smelling of flowers.
This series will not last long. Nature further increases the dryness in the atmosphere which makes the atmosphere dry and hot. The atmosphere craves for water, but hot winds blow and everything starts to dry. The fields of cotton and wheat fields become dry. Such a season is commonly known as dry heat.
The weather is hot and dry. The purpose of the above discussion is to prove that nature or nature does not completely eliminate two conditions in the universe, but alternately increases one condition, then eliminates the other and brings the third, with which its system of inat is regularly happy. Running in style.
If by bad luck there is a sudden change in the atmosphere due to some specific reasons, calamities, epidemics and diseases surround God’s creation, which causes hundreds of thousands of deaths. For example, there is intense heat in an area, suddenly mountain winds come

Heavy rain and hail fall. The atmosphere becomes cold at once, God’s creation cannot bear its own skin, so it immediately catches cold, fever, cough, suffocation, etc. Similarly, the deaths that occur in wars make the atmosphere foul, which causes many deaths.
According to Greek medicine and law, it is necessary for physicians of individual organs to treat diseases and symptoms according to nature. It is against it, but treat it with Garam Tara food medicine which is according to nature
The Law of Individual Organs confirms this and explains it in such a way that when the human body becomes hot and dry, the Toghdad Jaz-Bah (hot and dry organs) keep making bile and stopping it in the blood. Conversely, the glands (warmer organs) are not secreting bile, which causes jaundice.
Now it is necessary for the physician to stimulate the function of the gall bladder so that the bile starts to flow. For this purpose, he will have to feed this medicine in hot jars. As soon as the patient eats the warm food and medicine, the bile will immediately begin to flow, which will reduce his agitation, restlessness and irritation. Within a few days, the excess bile will be discharged and the patient will be completely cured.

Hakeem Qari Younas

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